Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What do you choose: Negativity or prosperity?

We spend so much time looking outside ourselves. True happiness cannot be found just in what we see with our eyes. Only after you find harmony within yourself, will you be able to find harmony with everyone around you and with the universe. When that happens, true happiness is borne.

Our outside world is only a reflection of our internal state of mind, and the result of our predominant way of thinking. When a person has a predominant negative way of thinking, one way or another that person will attract negativity into his or her life. On the other hand, a predominant positive way of thinking will attract positivity and prosperity.

It is said that whatever the mind is looking for it will find. Positive or negative, everything depends on the eyes that are looking at a particular situation.

It has been said that when we look at things negatively and sustain a negative thought for a period of 17 seconds, the mind will continue to produce similar negative thoughts. Not only will more negative thoughts be produced, they will be stronger, and result in more negative circumstances coming to you. That is how a negativity frenzy begins.

However, positive thoughts work the same way. If you sustain a positive thought for a period of time, it will invite more thoughts of the same kind, and that will create a wonderful positive state of mind. This will in turn attract more positive circumstances, people and situations to you.

Energy is always vibrating and so are our thoughts. Positive or negative, this powerful energy can influence our reality. So when we face any situation, we have the choice to find the negative or the seed of a benefit that exists. Our choice will determine if we will continue to vibrate negatively and continue to experience negative results, or vibrate positively, which will invite and attract prosperity, success and happiness. I wish for you, to be able to choose the positive every time!

Master Marco