Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Power of a Smile

The Power of a Smile

A smile is the secret key that can open the most incredible doors. Practice it often, and doors will open every time you knock.

Imagine how it feels when you meet someone, and that person gives you the “cold” face. Most people will immediately form a first impression of an unlikeable person or someone who is not very warm. If you walk into a store and you see the attendant with a long face or a very tired, unexpressive look, it almost makes the customers feel unwelcome and even uncomfortable. I often get some of those feelings. A couple of days ago I went in to a store with my wife and as I was getting ready to pay, I saw two cashiers open. The first one looked angry with a long face, and she gave me the impression she was thinking something like, “How dare you come in here to bother me.” Does that sound familiar? On the other hand, the second one looked like a very nice lady, pleasant and warm, so without a question I chose the lady with a smile.

The power of a smile is so great on many different levels. First, it is a reflection of your internal state. For example, stressed people don’t usually smile, and if they do, it usually looks fake, so you can tell anyway. It’s very important that we learn to smile, and when you are able to make this a habit, you will see how you begin to change your attitude, even if you don’t feel particularly happy at that moment. Every time you smile or laugh, you produce chemicals that will help you feel better, and it is said that those chemicals will even help with health and the healing process.

Once you are feeling good and you have a nice smile, you will begin to see how everything looks brighter, how people are more receptive to you, and your how day will improve because your perception and disposition will be better.

I hope this helps put a smile on your face, and helps you get one step closer to your dreams.

Master Marco