Friday, February 18, 2011


Driving home from the movies tonight with my wife, I was thinking about all the things I teach my students, and one word came to my mind:  impermanence.  I asked her, "Do you know what impermanence is?"  And she replied, "Yes, I think so."  Everything in this universe is made of energy, and energy is always changing from one form to another.  Everything is always transforming.  Even my teachings.  The understanding of them will change, as the mind discovers and experiences new things.  The same teachings will have a different meaning according to the growth and experiences of each individual mind.  Days change to night, summer changes to autumn, life to death, and death to life, rainy days to sunny days...and so is everything else that we know.

Even the difficult circumstances and challenges that we experience everyday cannot last.  Sunny days will always appear after the clouds have moved on.  Rainy days are very important to maintain the balance of nature on this planet, so is every challenge that we experience.  Like the rain bringing us this vital element called water, challenges bring us the vital elements to our success.  Always remember on rainy days, that the sun will be coming out soon.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Check out this month's Issue of 270Inc Business Magazine

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest with Pattee Brown and Harby Tran on their 270Inc Radio Show, and from the moment we met, I knew we would become fast friends.  I loved their energy, their rapport with each other (and with me), and it was one of my favorite interviews I have ever done, simply because it was SO MUCH FUN!

A couple of months later, I was lucky enough to have them as guests on my show, The Master Method, seen on Montgomery Channel 16 (Maryland, USA), and once again, it was more like hanging out with old friends than working.  They inspired our viewers and shared their success stories with us, and we were able to hear first-hand about their successful partnership, and the passion behind their highly acclaimed business magazine, 270Inc.   I truly believe this magazine is revolutionary and should set the standard for all publications.  It educates, inspires, motivates and enlightens in its spectrum and balance of touching the hearts of individuals to arming larger businesses with tools for growth.  From human interest stories to increasing the bottom line, Pattee and Harby have hit the jackpot.  Congratulations!

Please check out the article that Rachael Shankle wrote in this month's issue.  She interviewed me about my story of growing up in Chile, coming to America, some of my struggles and my successes.  I hope you enjoy it!

Please write and tell me what you think!

Thanks, Pattee and Harbee for everything you do.  You deserve all the successes that are surely coming your way.

With warm regards,
Master Marco