Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are the creator of your own reality

YOU have the power to control how you are vibrating, positively or negatively. Therefore, the ability to bring whatever you want to your life is yours. You have the power to create your own wonderful reality, with faith that the universe is on your side.

You no longer have to be a passive spectator or victim of uncontrollable circumstances around you. You no longer have to reactively live a life of randomness and worry. You no longer have to hope or wonder if everything is going to turn out okay. Instead, you can develop into an active creator—an inventor of thoughts, feelings and positive energy that will elevate your state of being. Have faith that, whatever experiences you face, you’re gaining wisdom and the tools to bring you closer and closer to your goals.

It’s extremely important to realize your PAST thoughts and feelings have created the situations and circumstances you’re experiencing in the present. Your current situation is the result of feelings you’ve already experienced, and you must remind yourself that those thoughts and feelings are in the past. They don’t exist right now if you don’t let them. More importantly, you have the ability and the power to create a new reality for yourself simply by shifting the way you think. This will change how you feel, and these new positive feelings will result in a positive shift in the people, situations and circumstances coming into your life. This is worth repeating: You are the Creator of Your Own Reality.

In order to construct the life you want in every area (career, finances, relationships, health and inner peace), you must pay attention to how you are “vibrating.” What kind of energy are you emitting? Positive or negative? What are you attracting to your existence?

Thoughts alone don’t possess much power. However, the feelings produced by those thoughts, especially strong feelings, possess the amazing power to change our lives. Those feelings are the key to creating our desired reality. By choosing to “vibrate” positively, we can create a positive reality and a truly amazing life.

Master Marco

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